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20 ten pound buts on the Lang 60 Deluxe Chargrill

February 17, 2015

Ben Lang,

20 ten pound buts on the Lang 60 Deluxe Chargrill.

Lang 60 Deluxe Chargrill


H – MAN Pitmasters BBQ Team

February 16, 2015

H – MAN Pitmasters BBQ Team 60 Deluxe with Chargrill

Hi Ben and crew,

Just wanted to send a few pics of the Model 60 Delux with Chargrill we ordered from y’all!

H - MAN BBQ TEAM (more…)

Special Request Denied and Appreciated

February 5, 2015

48" Lang BBQ SmokerQUESTION:

“What would you guys charge to cut a add a back door to my lang 48 deluxe and paint it?”


Entrepreneur Ready to Start Business Cook’n On A LANG!

February 2, 2015

108" Deluxe Tandem Smoker Cooker

Here’s some happy entrepreneurs ready to make some fine BBQ for their customers on a Lang 108″ Deluxe Tandem

Cooking on a Lang Come Snow or More Snow

February 1, 2015

One of our Twitter followers, Basswood BBQ,  posted some amazing photos of their Super Bowl Sunday cooking on their Lang BBQ Smoker!  You have to see it to believe it!

Basewood BBQ

more photos! (more…)

Smoker Cooker with D-Ring Added

January 13, 2015

smoker cooker with D-ringBen and the Lang Team,

Thank you for your excellent service. I could not be happier with my purchase experience and the beautiful cooker. Thanks for the customization of the cart with the D-Ring additions. They will work as planned. I was only asking for the D-Ring brackets and I would add the D-Rings myself when in use. I have ramps and a Warn Winch that will roll the cooker into my pickup trip for travel when I’m cooking at friends events. That’s another reason for the D-Ring brackets and D-Rings.

All of my neighbors and friends are so jealous and they want to “be Cooking on a Lang!”

Here’s a photo mask of my new cooker already seasoned and with a couple of cooks completed using both the cooker and chargrill.

Last, a special Thank You to your delivery team for getting my cooker here before Christmas. I don’t know why anyone can ever complain about your service. I found it to be excellent!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Larry S. of Rescue, CA

Angus Rib Roast

December 29, 2014

“I tried an 18 pound Angus rib roast for Christmas and have to admit that never having smoked an expensive piece of meat like this I was nervous. Even being a novice and in 29′ weather with snow, the roast was the best we have ever eaten. It cooked at an even 250-275′ and was delicious! 18 people all had huge smiles.

I’m a true Lang fan!”

~ Jerry

Try out our Espresso & Chipotle Smoked Ribeye Roast recipe

Espresso rubbed rib roast

October 24-25, 2014 Georgia/Florida Tailgate Bar B Q Cookoff – Jesup, GA

October 29, 2014

The Lang Team Wins Grand Champions for the second year in a row!

grand champions

Amazing Ribs Review

August 12, 2014

AmazingRib best value conducted a review of three of our smoker cookers:

  • Lang 36″ Hybrid Patio Model – They say that they “always give thumbs down to those low cost combo cookers that consist of a gas grill bolted to a cheap offset smoker because each side is poor quality, neither side performs well, and you can get better equipment by purchasing a separate grill and smoker. Not so with Lang’s Hybrid.” read more
  • Lang 36″ Original Patio Model- Amazing ribs provides a great description of our reverse flow design with a diagram. check it out.
  • Lang 84″ Original Modelsee the review of our most popular, large capacity, mobile smoker cooker model.


Nooga’s Best Q

August 5, 2014

Congratulations to Jim Johnson and the JC’s Family BBQ for taking 1st places in the People’s Choice Award at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Jim sent us these photos and proudly stated “We were at a local BBQ contest Saturday. We took first place. Nothing is better than a Lang smoker.”

NoogsBestQ-1st-placeAgain… Congratulations and thanks for cooking on a Lang at the Chattanooga Zoo!



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