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How much room in the 60 inch Lang BBQ Smoker?

March 9, 2015

60 Lang BBQ SmokersQ:  Regarding the 60 Model Original, is there room enough to smoke between 10-15 pork loins? Most of the loins I get are in the 8-10 lb range. The reason I am asking is that I was asked to cook for a graduation reception and they are planning on 300 people. I figured about 1/4lb of pork per person and that would be around 75lbs of loin which would be about 10-15 loins. I know that it is big enough for 15 slabs of ribs. Is that enough room on the grate for the same amount of loins?

A: Yes Sir you are right on track with the 60 series it will handle your need perfectly

M. Polasky, South Dakota


November 24, 2014

Chef Paul,

Thank you for sharing everything BBQ at you class at Lang.

Quick question: brisket. I just ordered a case of black angus 17-19 lb briskets. I know in class we separated the point from the flat so we could all eat lunch, but how would you handle the whole brisket. I’m thinking to cook them to 165/175 degrees, then separating point and flat and finishing at 195 degrees. Can you let me know if this sounds right. Also, typically, how much longer does the point take to finish?

Thanks again. I certainly learned a bunch of new tricks, enjoyed the class, and appreciated your wiliness to share.

Warm regards,

B.Wilcox from New Hampshire



I suggest that you cook the whole brisket to 185º degrees F and then separate them, both are eatable and some what tender at that temperature, but I prefer to cook them to 195º degrees F and then serve. I will put the point in and cook an additional 1 to 2 hours to render it out, but you can eat and enjoy it at 185º to 195º. I hope this helps.
Chef Paul

2014 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

June 9, 2014

If you were at the 12th Annual Big Apple Barbecue block party in New York City on June 7th and 6th, you would have been able to taste some yummy barbeque cooked on a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker.

Video of Billy Durney of Hometown BBQ, NYC … “cooking on a Lang”!

Check out some of the photos of the event




Does duck taste good cooked in a Lang BBQ Smoker?

February 12, 2014

Some of the guests  on our Lang Forum were recently chatting about smoking a duck.  Thanks Tom L and MysteryMunchies for bring up the topic of smoking duck and sharing recipe tips. (more…)

Memphis Pro Pellet vs Lang BBQ Smokers

February 11, 2014

Concerns about Maintaining the Smoker Cooker Temperature


I have a few questions, when I was considering a smoker I was considering a Memphis Pro Pellet grill after further research it sounds like you cannot achieve a smoky flavor with these. What I did like was that you can maintain a constant temp at 225 degrees. My concern with the Lang is being able to control the temp. (more…)

Want to be cook’n on a Lang in South Africa

February 10, 2014

An International Shipping Quote

I am a caterer by trade and am looking for a wood smoker. Please can you let me have your various pricing options. Delivery would be to the port of Durban South Africa. I am unsure of which product would suit me best and am happy to take your advice. I may or may not be in a position to purchase due to currency rates but it would be good to get a rough idea of what this product would cost. (more…)

Question from the UK

January 27, 2014

DJ BBQ and Lang BBQ SmokersA question from the UK and a mention from DJ BBQ


No Rub Christmas Goose

November 10, 2013

No Rub Christmas Goose

12 lb goose
Preparation time 15 minutes
Marinade time 3 days
Cook time 8 hours
Temperature 250
Thermometer probe 180 degrees

This marinade for your goose will provide 41/2 cups and will take about 15 minutes to prepare.

You will need:-
• 2 1/2 tablespoons salt
• ¼ cup of sunflower oil
• 1 ¾ cups or chopped onions
• 1 cup or red grape juice
• ¾ cup or sweet sherry
• ¼ cup honey
• 4 cloves garlic crushed
• ¼ cup soy sauce
• 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper
• 1 teaspoon thyme
• 1 teaspoons rosemary

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade and adjust salt and other ingredients if your goose is smaller or larger than around 12 lbs. Cover the whole bird inside and out with the marinade and then marinate for 3 days. Using a plastic bag allows you to turn the goose twice a day.
After 3 days, put your goose on a roasting rack, turning it every half hour for a few hours to dry. Your goose is now ready to smoke.
Cook your goose on your smoker at 250 degrees until your thermometer probe reads 180 degrees, approximately 8 hours.
Your goose will cook best if you have a pan of water underneath as it smokes.
Let your goose rest at least 15 minutes before serving

Smoker Cooker Questions from MI

April 18, 2013

Questions from South East Michigan

I am currently in the market for a smoker and your 48” Deluxe or 48” Hybrid Deluxe has caught my eye. I’ve been smoking briskets and pork shoulders for the last eight years or so utilizing my Weber kettle grill and my cheap Brinkman vertical water smoker. I’ve mastered the two but now I’m treating myself to an upgrade. There are plenty of smoker manufacturers out there and I want to know what sets you apart from the rest? What advantages do your smokers have compared to the competition? (more…)

Lot’s of Qs and As

April 16, 2013

I am currently in the market for a smoker and your 48″ Deluxe or 48″ Hybrid Deluxe has caught my eye. I’ve been smoking briskets and pork shoulders for the last eight years or so utilizing my Weber kettle grill and my cheap Brinkman vertical water smoker. I’ve mastered the two, but now I am treating myself to an upgrade.

Why should I choose a Lang? (more…)


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