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Snow is not stopping

March 3, 2015

still snowing

Winter 2015 … the snow is not stopping! But it’s also not stopping some of our backyard pitmasters from cooking on their Lang BBQ Smokers!

Amazing Ribs Review

August 12, 2014

AmazingRib best value conducted a review of three of our smoker cookers:

  • Lang 36″ Hybrid Patio Model – They say that they “always give thumbs down to those low cost combo cookers that consist of a gas grill bolted to a cheap offset smoker because each side is poor quality, neither side performs well, and you can get better equipment by purchasing a separate grill and smoker. Not so with Lang’s Hybrid.” read more
  • Lang 36″ Original Patio Model- Amazing ribs provides a great description of our reverse flow design with a diagram. check it out.
  • Lang 84″ Original Modelsee the review of our most popular, large capacity, mobile smoker cooker model.


The Grill Guy

May 5, 2014

Howdy folks!

Just wanted to drop a note and say how happy I am with my new Lang 36 Hybrid on the run about trailer. Took delivery just under a month ago and, while I am still learning the unit, I have produced some of the best BBQ I have every made in 14 years of being a serious “back yard cooker.” So far we have cooked pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken wings and a nice 15.5 lb. brisket.

The ribs that came off were the closest I have ever made to “competition” grade, along with everything else being so good it was unreal that recipes I have used for years were so much better just using this cooker and straight hickory!

Cook times are shorter, which no sacrifice to tenderness. I am no longer over smoking my meats, and they are coming off with light, delicate smoke but nice smoke rings at the same time. I have dubbed my Lang the “Skill Killer”, as I have yet to encounter a stall on anything. As a matter of fact, I am having to relearn cooking times as this unit is so efficient I overestimated the brisket cooking time and fired up at midnight when I could have waited hours before stating.

Just wanted to share my experience so far. After years of cooking on cheap offsets, I just about don’t know what to do with myself. All I can think is, holy cow what are we gonna have once I actually learn how to run this thing properly (and my wood is better seasoned!). What a fantastic problem to have!

Thank you all so much and a special thank you to Ben for taking the time to talk with me before I purchased.

Loving my Lang in Nashville!

Chris – The Grill Guy

Smoker Headed to Oklahoma

March 15, 2014

This Hemi is heaed back to Oklahoma with a new Lang BBQ Smoker!

Lang Smoker Cooker Oklahoma

Perfect Barbecue

September 10, 2013

This amazing email was sent to Ben in thanks for producing such a great smoker cooker. It is easy to see that prior to this Chris had his frustrations with various grills. (more…)

US Army Sergeant Loves Lang

September 4, 2013

All you Awesome folks at LANG,

I asked for my grill to be delivered before the first day of College Football, I received it about 2 weeks prior, which gave me time to practice my skills on my new machine. I had several friends over on Sat and they ate the best BBQ I have ever made. I am going to cook in my first competition on 2 NOV 13, can’t wait.

I really want to say thank you, so THANKS !!!

ready for college football season with his Lang smoker cookerWishing you and your buddies a great kick-off on your new Lang 36 Hybrid Deluxe patio smoker cooker and charcoal grill! And best of luck on your first competition in November! - Ben Lang


Krista Jumped Right In

April 20, 2013

Krista White emailed Ben that after only 2 months of cooking on a Lang Smoker Cooker she went to the 5th Annual Hogs for the Cause competition in New Orleans, LA, and came in 1st place in the butt and pulled pork division, proving once again that when you are cookin’ on a Lang Smoker Cooker you are cookin’ on the best!  (more…)

Comparing Smoker Cookers

January 15, 2013

Can a Smoker Cooker Really Make a Difference?

Char-Griller Super Pro
Webber Smokey Mountain
Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker

icemanrrc sent us this email about how he “stepped up a notch” with his new Lang 36″ smoker cooker: (more…)

Patio 36 Smoker Pit

October 9, 2012


I bought the 36 patio model from you and it was delivered last Feb (2012). I wanted to wait on commenting on it until
after I had an opportunity to try it and get used to it.

I have cooked pork, ribs, whole prime ribs, beef tender loins, pork tender loins, chicken, sausage, boudain, hamburgers, and other things. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely bar none, the best smoker pit I have ever used.

I did get the SS up grade on the racks and I highly recommend that to those that are going to purchase one these. I have cooked for as many as 38 people using this smoker. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to open up a restaurant because the food coming off this pit is so great.

Thanks so much for such a great smoker and my next one will be the 48. I will also tell you that I had a neighbor that had bought a custom pit out of Houston, TX and it does not even come close to cooking as good as this one. The reverse flow is fantastic.

Thanks Chris

Pennsylvania Patio Stick Burner

September 9, 2012

Ben, Just wanted to drop a note. Got My Lang 36 patio dropped off on the 5th of Sept. Can’t say enough about Wallace. Nice man, respectful, polite.

I’m in Yankee country now, but grew up in OK and Louisiana. So easy to slip back into that southern draw. The grill is everything I expected and more. Cured it tonight in a thunderstorm and plan on tossin some chicken on it tomorrow. I’m very happy with my experience with Lang and will recomend my neighbors to check you all out. Hope Mr. Wallace made it back from NY.

Thanks again,

Bill, Thanks for letting us know you got your cooker and for your kind words. Can’t wait till you get to cooking. – Ben Lang


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