Q-School was Grrrrreat!

March 22, 2015

As parts of the country were experiencing dreaded spring snow fall, Hoboken Georgia was HOT! Two groups of satisfied backyard, competitor, and commercial pitmasters attended the Chef Paul Kirk smoker cooker class hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers.

Ben and his smoker team brought over 36″, 60″, and even an 84″ Fat Boy for the students to cook on. A few of the smokers were going home with the students who decided to get a Lang lesson, season their smoker, and learn some amazing tips from Chef Paul Kirk … before hitching up their cookers to take home.

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Lang Radio Spot for SPRING Q-School

March 13, 2015

Two smoker cooking classes by Chef Paul Kirk and hosted by Lang BBQ Smokers in Hoboken, Georgia!Lang on Radio

Headed to Michigan

March 12, 2015

Headed to Michigan
This repeat customer from Michigan (he already has an 84″ Deluxe Lang BBQ Smoker) came down from Michigan to pick up his second Lang BBQ Smoker, a 60 inch model built to fit on the back of his concession trailer porch. He’s looking pretty happy to get back on the road back to MI!

Best of luck in the upcoming Michigan food vendor concession season!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 11, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

We hope everyone with a Lang BBQ Smoker cooker will be cooking Low & Slow this weekend in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! All the traditional foods – ham, potatoes, and cabbage taste amazing on a smoker cooker. So as you’re watching the parade or having friends and family over, light up that stick-burner and enjoy the day!

We’d love to hear about your meal and see some photos! You can post them on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, accounts.

How Sweet It Is

March 10, 2015

How much does this couple love their Lang BBQ Smoker? So much their 60th Wedding Anniversary cake is a homemade chocolate Lang BBQ Smoker cake!!!

how sweet it is - Lang BBQ Smokers

Thanks for keeping us in the mix!

How much room in the 60 inch Lang BBQ Smoker?

March 9, 2015

60 Lang BBQ SmokersQ:  Regarding the 60 Model Original, is there room enough to smoke between 10-15 pork loins? Most of the loins I get are in the 8-10 lb range. The reason I am asking is that I was asked to cook for a graduation reception and they are planning on 300 people. I figured about 1/4lb of pork per person and that would be around 75lbs of loin which would be about 10-15 loins. I know that it is big enough for 15 slabs of ribs. Is that enough room on the grate for the same amount of loins?

A: Yes Sir you are right on track with the 60 series it will handle your need perfectly

M. Polasky, South Dakota

Lang on Instagram

March 6, 2015



The crew at Lang BBQ Smokers just created an Instagram account to share some photos of happy customers picking up their smoker cooker units, event, and a variety of photos sent to us by people that are cooking on a Lang!

Check out the site, but remember you need to use your smart phone to upload photos that we can share and follow.


California Here Lang Comes!

March 5, 2015

84_originalHello Ben, 

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional customer service that I received on my latest purchase. Read the rest of this entry »

Snow is not stopping

March 3, 2015

still snowing

Winter 2015 … the snow is not stopping! But it’s also not stopping some of our backyard pitmasters from cooking on their Lang BBQ Smokers!

Spring Smoker Cooker Classes Almost here!

March 2, 2015

Lang BBQ Smokers is proud to host two smoker cooker classes with Chef Paul Kirk in our Hoboken, Georgia Q-School!  Seats going fast! Sign up online or call for more information. http://qschool.langbbqsmokers.com

smoker cooker cooking classes March 20 and 21st.

This is a good time to pick up a new smoker cooker. We will bring it to the class and you can season and cook on it before you take it home!


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