Amazing Ribs Review

August 12, 2014

AmazingRib best value conducted a review of three of our smoker cookers:

  • Lang 36″ Hybrid Patio Model – They say that they “always give thumbs down to those low cost combo cookers that consist of a gas grill bolted to a cheap offset smoker because each side is poor quality, neither side performs well, and you can get better equipment by purchasing a separate grill and smoker. Not so with Lang’s Hybrid.” read more
  • Lang 36″ Original Patio Model- Amazing ribs provides a great description of our reverse flow design with a diagram. check it out.
  • Lang 84″ Original Modelsee the review of our most popular, large capacity, mobile smoker cooker model.


Nooga’s Best Q

August 5, 2014

Congratulations to Jim Johnson and the JC’s Family BBQ for taking 1st places in the People’s Choice Award at the Chattanooga Zoo.

Jim sent us these photos and proudly stated “We were at a local BBQ contest Saturday. We took first place. Nothing is better than a Lang smoker.”

NoogsBestQ-1st-placeAgain… Congratulations and thanks for cooking on a Lang at the Chattanooga Zoo!


Sonny’s BBQ Trivia Winners Win a Lang!

July 20, 2014

Congratulations to Michelle and Steve who won the Sonny’s National BBQ Month Trivia Contest and won a Lang BBQ Smoker!

Sonny's BBQ Trivial Winners win a Lang smoker cooker


My husband and I are new members of the Lang BBQ Smokers family and we wanted to share our experience with you! I entered the Sonny’s BBQ National BBQ Month Trivia Contest and I was lucky enough to win the grand prize. I knew that the grand prize included a smoker, but I had no idea that it was a Lang until two nice folks from Sonny’s BBQ delivered it to my house last week. When I walked out of my house and saw it on the trailer, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw that it was a Lang! Read the rest of this entry »

Smoker Cooker Recipe Contest

July 6, 2014

Lang BBQ Smokers invites everyone to share their favorite low & slow and fast & hot recipes on our contest.

Lang recipe contest

Click here for more information and to sign up.

The Lang 36 Smoker Cooker Hybrid as featured on THE POOLMASTER

June 27, 2014

2014 Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

June 9, 2014

If you were at the 12th Annual Big Apple Barbecue block party in New York City on June 7th and 6th, you would have been able to taste some yummy barbeque cooked on a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker.

Video of Billy Durney of Hometown BBQ, NYC … “cooking on a Lang”!

Check out some of the photos of the event




60 Deluxe at a Country Club

June 2, 2014

Testimonial on our Country Club’s new Lang 60 Deluxe.

Ben ,

At Moraine Country Club in Dayton, OH – I led a private donor campaign among 12 of our members to get this grill/smoker for our club. It arrived early Sat. morning – complete with its mag wheels. I was anticipating a well constructed smoker as I had seen one on display for a raffle at Fox Bros. Bar B Que in Atlanta.

What was the big surprise is how effectively and how efficiently this unit cooks. I am from Texas & have been grilling, smoking and bar-b-queing for 48+ yrs on lesser equipment. We seasoned this smoker this morning and then pressed it into action – bar-b-qued 50 racks of ribs – that’s right – fifty – and 20 lbs. of chicken and grilled 30 prime burgers – all done by 5:30 PM. I constantly rotated the ribs – three deep – to get them browned (or glazed – if you prefer) – this amazing smoker had the “just right” bark – the pink smoke ring (used soaked hickory chunks and hardwood split logs in the fire box) – and slip off the bone bite with awesome flavor. The chicken was equally as wonderful. This is one mean machine and handled it all flawlessly.

I feel like a competition level champion on this grill/smoker. I applaud your exceptional design and attention to detail on the construction of your smokers. We fed 175 members & guests this evening – plus the staff of 25. Not bad for its inaugural run – I think you’ll agree!

Thanks Ben – y’all are champs in my book!

U Need a BBQ inc

May 8, 2014

U Need A BBQ Inc

First in ribs second in chicken and overall.

Congratulations U Need A BBQ Inc.!!!!

Hurricane Cookers

May 6, 2014

Photo of Bruce Mitchell of the Swamp People and the Hurricane Cookers with their Lang BBQ smoker cooker.

Hurrican Cookers

Read the rest of this entry »

The Grill Guy

May 5, 2014

Howdy folks!

Just wanted to drop a note and say how happy I am with my new Lang 36 Hybrid on the run about trailer. Took delivery just under a month ago and, while I am still learning the unit, I have produced some of the best BBQ I have every made in 14 years of being a serious “back yard cooker.” So far we have cooked pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken wings and a nice 15.5 lb. brisket.

The ribs that came off were the closest I have ever made to “competition” grade, along with everything else being so good it was unreal that recipes I have used for years were so much better just using this cooker and straight hickory!

Cook times are shorter, which no sacrifice to tenderness. I am no longer over smoking my meats, and they are coming off with light, delicate smoke but nice smoke rings at the same time. I have dubbed my Lang the “Skill Killer”, as I have yet to encounter a stall on anything. As a matter of fact, I am having to relearn cooking times as this unit is so efficient I overestimated the brisket cooking time and fired up at midnight when I could have waited hours before stating.

Just wanted to share my experience so far. After years of cooking on cheap offsets, I just about don’t know what to do with myself. All I can think is, holy cow what are we gonna have once I actually learn how to run this thing properly (and my wood is better seasoned!). What a fantastic problem to have!

Thank you all so much and a special thank you to Ben for taking the time to talk with me before I purchased.

Loving my Lang in Nashville!

Chris – The Grill Guy


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